Type o Negative - Life is killing me 20th Anniversary Edition LP

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Type o Negative - Life is killing me (20 th Anniversary Edition)
Limited / Green & Black Mixed Edition

3 LP (Neu + OVP)
VÖ: 12.01.2024

EAN: 0081227827106
Label: Rhino


Life is Killing Me war das letzte Album war, das wirklich wie die Type o Negative klang. Life is Killing Me war in gewisser Weise das große Finale des geradlinigen Gothic Metals von Type o Negative.
Jetzt nach 20 Jahren kommt dieses Album in limitierter Ausführung noch einmal in den Handel.



1 Thir13teen

2 I Don't Wanna Be Me

3 Less Than Zero

4 Todd's Ship Gods (Above All Things)

5 I Like Goils

6 ...A Dish Best Served Coldly

7 How Could She?

8 Life Is Killing Me


1 Nettie

2 (We Were) Electrocute


4 Angry Inch

5 Anesthesia

6 Drunk in Paris

7 The Dream Is Dead


1 Out of the Fire (Kane's Theme)

2 Suspended in Dusk

3 Blood & Fire

4 Cinnamon Girl (Extended Depression Mix)

5 Black Sabbath (standard version)

6 Haunted (Per Version)